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We're proudly located in Brampton, also known as flower city. Ganjika House was founded by entrepreneur Clint Seukeran, an Indo-Caribbean Canadian who has lived in the community for over 15 years. 

We are an Ontario licensed cannabis store for recreational use only

Good vibrations will meet you at the door

The origins of 'Ganjika'

You may think of ganja when you see our name, and that’s fine with us. Our store embraces the word’s Sanskrit origins and the curiosity Ganjika evokes. The store design was inspired by the lush beauty of South Asia.


Visit us at Ganjika House to indulge your senses and rediscover the ancient plant, Ganjika

A Look at 2019

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186 Main Street South

Brampton, ON

L6W 2E2

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Closed on Public Holidays

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